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We’re committed to making our customers online experience safe and secure.

Security features to keep you safe

We use robust security technology across all our platforms. This includes encryption, fraud prevention and anti-phishing - all monitored 24/7.

We use advanced encryption technology to stop unauthorised users from reading secure information.

We use the latest encryption on all our websites. You can check you’re secure by looking for the padlock icon next to the web address.

We routinely upgrade the encryption we support in line with security best practice. Use a modern web browser and keep it updated to be able to use our websites.

Protecting your idle login sessions - you will automatically be logged out if your session is inactive.

We work with various threat intelligence bodies to ensure we are aware of the latest threats to customer security and can respond accordingly.


We have highly trained staff that will take you through thorough security procedures over the phone to access your account. If you have not disclosed any of the information to others, only you will be able to access your account.

Our staff will never ask for your account details or password. If you receive a call or an email asking for these details contact us immediately or forward these emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

We have a dedicated security team that is highly motivated to ensure your data is protected.

Find out more about staying safe online.

“I’ve received an odd email or call from V12”

We will never ask for your password or memorable words by email or text message.

We will never ask for your complete password over the phone.

If you have any concerns please call us on 02920 468 900.