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Two adults and a child cycling on a golden forest path

For the third year running, we're supporting the National Cycling Show, an immersive retail experience enabling you to try (and then buy) everything from bikes to accessories.

The show brings together the industry to educate and motivate, as well as inspire those who already have a passion for exercising outdoors to invest in cycling.

You may be wondering why a retail finance company feels passionate enough about cycling to be the headline sponsor for an event like this. It's because of just that - we're passionate about the cycling sector and giving cycling retailers ways their customers can pay for the things they love.

Did you know that in 2023 alone, we provided finance for over 25,000 purchases across 318 UK cycle retailers? We've been offering retail finance so cyclists can spread the cost for over 20 years.

The show takes place at Birmingham NEC on the 15th and 16th of June. If you want to go along, you can find more information and read more about the event here.

Already got tickets? We'll see you there. Look out for our stand, where you'll find some of our V12 Retail Finance experts, as well as details about the cycle retailers we work with.

And just because (if you've made it this far, you're probably a cycling fan), here are some facts to keep you interested:

  • The longest bicycle in the world was 67.79 meters long and could carry 20 riders.
  • The first bike ride was in 1817 by a German inventor who wanted to avoid feeding horses.
  • The word bicycle comes from the Greek words for "two" and "wheel".

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